I go out every day with the intention of breaking visual rules,
to create an evocative, cinematic image that inspires.
Michael Ehlert
I am truly blessed to have been able to do the thing I love most my entire adult life - image making. Michael Ehlert

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Beauty & Fashion Work
Incorporating a cinematic use of lights, a striking sense of drama and a abiding admiration for style and beauty. Michael's fashion photography celebrate the artistry of truly excelent design for high couture.


Your first impression
A first impression is important for a future relationship. It is Michael's passion to bring all necessary elements totgether, for one message, to your customers.


Celebrity Photography
Capturing beauty and personality in a single image elevates celebrety photography to a true art. Michael's afinity for these individuals and the rapport that develops during his photo shoots results in images that are as fun, intimate, romantic and utterly unforgettable.


Individual Portrait Work
Capturing the human conditions in all of its facets with portraits that place each subject within the context of his or her world. Michael creates images that tell a human story while transporting the viewer to exotic and often sureal settings.

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Stories from behind the lens.